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Best WordPress Plugin for Backend in 2020

As a website owner and operator, ensuring that your system is functioning with the most powerful and feature-filled plugin for backend development is essential.

A backend WordPress plugin that is packed with high-functioning features, you can ensure that your website is operating with high page speed, fast uploads, rich content quality, and more that will help visitors engage with your site in an effective way. The better your site’s aesthetic and functionality, the more likely a visitor is to engage with your content and convert to a customer.

With so many backend plugins available on the market, how can you know which ones are the best choice for your unique needs? If you simply throw a dart at a collection of plugins and install one without preparation or knowledge of the fine details, you may end up with a plugin that makes your website slow to respond or completely unusable. Don’t risk the time and money you have invested in your website with a poorly-functioning plugin.

Avoid the risk of a faulty WordPress plugin by choosing a WordPress backend plugin that will truly help you boost your website’s potential – File Manager Pro.

File Manager Pro – The Best WordPress Plugin For 2020

One surefire way to ensure that you increase your website’s functionality and effectiveness is to utilize a WordPress backend plugin that allows you to have near-complete file access and customization ability.

With File Manager Pro, you can upload, download, edit, and delete files in your website’s database without having to navigate the bulky and haphazard FTP, sFTP, and cPanel systems. With the ability to update and edit files from within the WordPress dashboard directly, you can navigate with ease through a user-friendly interface that is built with website developers of all skill levels in mind.

With real-time updating and complete integration across your other WordPress plugins, File Manager Pro truly meets (and exceeds) the expectations you are looking for in a WordPress plugin that grants greater control without the risk of damaging your site.

Try File Manager Pro For Yourself

Want to try out File Manager Pro – one of 2020’s top WordPress backend plugins – on your own website? Head online to File Manager Pro to download the plugin. You can also learn more about the plugin itself, how it interacts with websites to increase efficiency and effectiveness, and more tips and tricks on how to maximize your website’s traffic, conversion, and more.

FTP or cPanel

How To Access Server Files in WordPress without FTP or cPanel

Do you use WordPress yourself or design and develop websites for those who do? If you do, you’ve probably run into the frustrations of using FTP or cPanel to access your server files. You understand the clunky interface making simple navigation a difficult task. In addition to this, you also have to deal with compliance, security, and activity monitoring issues. So, you might be wondering if there is a better way.

Accessing server files with FTP or cPanel is one way that you go about your business. However, nowadays there are newer and easier options available. With the File Manager Pro WordPress plugin, you can access server files without the use of either cPanel or FTP.

What is File Manager?

what is file manager

File Manager is a WordPress plugin that allows you to access and control your files without FTP or cPanel. It is an option that was created with developers in mind. This means it contains all of the functionality you need to make your daily work easier and quicker to do. With this plugin, you can copy and paste, edit, delete, download, and upload files and folders with ease.

It will offer the chance to have complete control over your website and enables you to customize your settings. These customizable settings allow you to implement specific notifications, individual permissions, and better file security. This plugin also never forces you to leave your WordPress dashboard. You can even increase the functionality of File Manager Pro by using other premium extensions directly within its interface.

Through these features, this plugin quickly became known as the best plugin in 2020. You can easily add it to any of your WordPress sites through your choice of a shortcode, template, or widget. It also comes with updates for newer versions of the plugin that you can update to with just the click of a button.

Why File Manager?

why file manager

This WordPress plugin is a great option because it comes with a wide variety of functions for you to use. As a developer, freelancer, or designer, you can fully customize your website in a single interface. You can allow specific permissions for each user, adjust the size of an upload, hide certain folders or files, and you will have a database manager built right in.

You will also have shortcodes that come from the editor. This allows for a simple integration that won’t take much time to get used to. There are many other additional functions that you will be able to use to make the File Manager Pro plugin well worth your while.