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How does File Manager work in WordPress?

As a WordPress website user, having the ability to manage your files and website content is essential to ensuring that your website operates effectively and efficiently. While WordPress offers quite a bit of user control and customization in the backend development process, the intricacies of working with WordPress’s system can leave users feeling confused, anxious, and uncertain about which steps to take – and how to avoid the catastrophic error.

To help WordPress users navigate their file management system with ease, the File Manager plugin allows for simple installation, navigation, and operation via a user-friendly UX. File Manager and File Manager Pro provide quite a bit of integration with WordPress sites that make customizing your web presence fast and easy!

How File Manager Gives You Maximum WordPress Control

The File Manager plugin is the perfect tool for unlocking the potential of your WordPress website. From allow you to control the Root Directory of your site to setting up file sizes and user permissions, there are a variety of ways that File Manager supercharges your site:

  • Root Directory

Update the Root Directory and folder location of your WordPress site with a click of a button with File Manager’s easy to navigate user interface.

  • Email Notifications

Set up email notifications to alert site owners and editors when changes are made to the files of a website.

  • User Type Role & Restrictions

File Manager allows for WordPress site owners to identify which user roles have access to the plugin’s capabilities, as well as what restrictions exist across roles. This is vital for ensuring only the right website editors have access to essential parts of your website’s file structure. You can add separate folders easily, and even make folders private with visibility and access rights based on user role specifications.

  • Maximum Upload Size

Want more (or less) space in each folder in your structure? File Manager allows you to set the maximum upload size for your WordPress site’s folders.

  • Different File Manager Themes & Languages

You can update the File Manager theme and language to best suit your team’s particular needs and aesthetic. The Code Editor can also be customized to fit your branding and unique needs.

  • Google Drive  & AWS S3 Integration New

Have assets located off-site? With Google Drive and AWS S3 integration capabilities, you can access and move files quickly across databases with File Manager’s powerful tools.

The File Manager plugin is a fantastic asset for enabling your web development team to create, move, and edit files with ease. The process for installing the File Manager plugin is quick and easy, and you will be off to the races in no time. File Manager comes with a full library of startup guides and helpful resources that will aid you in both the setup of the plugin and training for your team. 

If you are looking for a way to navigate among your various WordPress directories with ease and confidence, add File Manager to your WordPress plugin library today. If you want even more control of your site with added features, consider File Manager Pro.

With File Manager Pro, you can enjoy the benefits of one of 2020’s top WordPress backend plugins that allows you complete access to your system while avoiding the headache of complicated navigation systems and coding. 

To learn more, head online to download the File Manager Pro plugin today!