Shortcode for WP File Manager

Shortcode of wp file manager admin

It will show file manager on front end. You can control all settings from file manager settings. It will work same as backend WP File Manager.


Shortcode of wp file manager

It will show file manager on front end. But only Administrator can access it and will control from file manager settings


Shortcode of wp file manager with parameters

Shortcode of wp file manager with required parameters

[wp_file_manager allowed_roles="editor,author" access_folder="wp-content/plugins" write = "true" read = "false" hide_files = "kumar,abc.php" lock_extensions=".php,.css" allowed_operations="upload,download" ban_user_ids="2,3"]


(1) allowed_roles = “*” -> It will allow all roles to access file manager on front end or You can simple use for particular user roles as like allowed_roles=”editor,author” (seprated by comma(,))

Note: * for all userroles, default: administrator

(2) access_folder=”test” -> Here “test” is the name of folder which is located on root directory, or you can give path for sub folders as like “wp-content/plugins”. If leave blank or empty it will access all folders on root directory. Default: Root directory

(3) write = “true” -> for access to write files permissions, note: true/false, default: false

(4) read = “true” -> for access to read files permission, note: true/false, default: true

(5) hide_files = “wp-content/plugins,wp-config.php” -> it will hide mentioned here. Note: seprated by comma(,). Default: Null

(6) lock_extensions=”.php,.css” -> It will lock mentioned in commas. you can lock more as like “.php,.css,.js” etc. Default: Null

(7) allowed_operations=”*” -> * for all operations and to allow some operation you can mention operation name as like, allowed_operations=”upload,download”. Note: seprated by comma(,). Default: *

(7.1) File Operations List:

1 mkdir -> Make directory or folder

2 mkfile -> Make file

3 rename -> Rename a file or folder

4 duplicate -> Duplicate or clone a folder or file

5 paste -> Paste a file or folder

6 ban -> Ban

7 archive -> To make a archive or zip

8 extract -> Extract archive or zipped file

9 copy -> Copy files or folders

10 cut -> Simple cut a file or folder

11 edit -> Edit a file

12 rm -> Remove or delete files and folders

13 download -> Download files

14 upload -> Upload files

15 search -> Search things

16 info -> Info of file

17 help -> Help

Note: ban_user_ids=”2,3″ -> It will ban particular users by just putting their ids seprated by commas(,). If user is Ban then they will not able to access wp file manager on front end.

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