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Upgrade File Manager 8.1
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  • Google Drive Add-on


    The File Manager Google Drive add-on provides you the ability to edit, delete, upload, download, copy and paste files and folders in Google Drive directly from your WordPress website.

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    Screenshot-1: Go to the Google Drive Addon Tab under the WP File Manager tab on the left side wordpress panel as shown in the screenshot

    Google Drive Dashboard

    Screenshot-2: Please check the option “ENABLE GOOGLE DRIVE” in the Google Drive Tab.

    Enable Google Drive

    Screenshot-3: You will be redirected to Google API Page. Please Click on “CLICK HERE TO AUTHENTICATE” button and Click on Enable as shown in the next screenshot

    Google Api

    Screenshot-4: Click on Create Credentials now.

    File Manager Onedrive

    Screenshot-5: Now Please Select the values as shown in the screenshot and click on “What credentials do I need”

    File Manager Api

    Screenshot-6: Now Set a Name for your App and Click on Create OAuth client ID.

    Google Drive Authentication

    Screenshot-7: Now Your Email ID will be shown there and You will be asked to add a Project Name.

    Add Credential

    Screenshot-8: In this Step, You will be shown Client ID. After that Click on Done.

    File Manager Addon

    Screenshot-9: Now You will be shown the Client ID and Click on Edit Icon on the right side of the Client ID field

    Google Drive

    Screenshot-10: Now Please copy the Client ID and Client Secret from there and keep the tab open and go to File Manager Plugin

    Client Id

    Screenshot-11: All details are fetched successfully

    File Manager Google Drive

    Screenshot-12: Google Drive Addon Preview on Admin Dashboard

    Google Drive Preview on Admin

    Screenshot-13: Multiple File Operations

    Multiple File Operations

    Screenshot-14: Shortcodes for Frontend

    1. [wp_file_manager_google_drive view="list" lang="en" dateformat="d M, Y h:i
    A" allowed_roles="administrator,editor,author" access_folder="*" write ="true" read="false" allowed_operations="upload,download" ban_user_ids="2,3"]

    2. [wp_file_manager_google_drive_admin]

    Shortcode for Frontend

    Screenshot-15: Shortcode preview on Frontend

    Shortcode preview on Frontend