Box Add-on

Box Add-on


The File Manager Box addon provides you the ability to edit, delete, upload, download, copy and paste files and folders in Box directly from your WordPress website.



Screenshot-1: Go to the Box Tab under the WP File Manager tab on the left side wordpress panel as shown in the screenshot

Screenshot-2: Please check the option “ENABLE BOX” in the Box Tab

Screenshot-3: User Restrictions

Screenshot-4: User Role restrictions

Screenshot-5: Create Box APP, click on the link given below, then enter your Box credentials

Screenshot-6: Click on Create New App

Screenshot-7: Select Custom App block

Screenshot-8: Click on Standard OAuth 2.0 (User Authentication), then Next

Screenshot-9: Enter APP Name, What would you like to name your aap?

Screenshot-10: Click on “Configuration” to get your Credentials, copy Client ID and Client Secret and paste in Box Settings in your WordPress Admin and copy Redirect URI from Box WP admin and paste in your app.

Screenshot-11: “Click Here to Authenticate” button to Authenticate Your Box App

Screenshot-12: Login with your Box Credentials to grant access of Box in file manager

Screenshot-13: Click on “Grant access to box” button, here you can see your app name

Screenshot-14: File Manager Box shortcode for Front end
[wp_file_manager_box view="list" lang="en" theme="light" dateformat="d M, Y h:i A" allowed_roles="administrator, editor,author" access_folder="*" write = "true" read = "false" allowed_operations="upload,download" ban_user_ids="2,3"]

Screenshot-15: File Manager Box Shortcode View on Front end

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