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    Google Drive Integration

    The solution to all your Google Drive Files at one place. No need to open different tabs and make things complicated when you can access all your files directly from File Manager WordPress Plugin. Please follow these instructions to access all the Google Drive files in Filemanager.

    1. Go to the Integration Tab under the File Manager Plugin and Click on Google Drive. Then check the checkbox and Fill the Details. If you don’t have the details Please click on the Marked Blue Link as shown in the screenshot.

    Google Drive Integration

    2. You will be redirected to Google API Page. Please Click on Google Drive API. and Click on Enable as shown in the next screenshot

    Api Library

    3. Click on Create Credentials now.

    Create Cridential

    4. Now Please Select the values as shown in the screenshot and click on “What credentials do I need”

    Google Drive Integration

    5. Now Set a Name for your App and Click on Create OAuth client ID.


    6. Now Your Email ID will be shown there and You will be asked to add a Project Name.

    Add Credentials

    7. In this Step, You will be shown Client ID. After that Click on Done.

    Add Credential

    8. Now You will be shown the Client ID and Click on Edit Icon on the right side of the Client ID field

    Show client Id

    9. Now Please copy the Client ID and Client Secret from there and keep the tab open and go to File Manager Plugin

    Client Id for web App

    10. Now Paste the Information in the fields and Copy the Google Drive API link from the bottom of the screen marked in the red box that says “Put the given link in redirect url of google drive API”

    Google Drive Api

    11. Now Paste the copied Link in the Authorised redirect URIs in the opened Google API Screen.

    Google drive Addon

    12. Now Click on the Mount Icon as shown in the screenshot below and then click on “Goto Google & approve”

    Google Approve

    13. Now you are connected to your Google Drive and you will see the Google Drive shown on the left side from where you can easily access all your Google Drive Files

    Google Drive
    Drive Integration

    You can also Drag and Drop the files from Desktop to Google Drive, Filemanager to Google Drive and Google Drive to Filemanager.